PHP Tutorial : User Login and Cookies

A PHP Tutorial creating a User Login and Setting Cookies....php tutorial

PHP Tutorial: Installation and The Basics

PHP Tutorial: Installation and The Basics,
How to Install XampP

dUnzip2 - Pack and unpack files packed in ZIP archives

This package can be used to pack and unpack files in ZIP archives.

There is a class that can retrieve the list of packed files as well several types of file details, such as the uncompressed size, last modification time, comments, etc..

The class can extract individual files, one at a time, specifying their file names, or extract all at once into a given directory.

There is another class that can pack files into new ZIP archives.

The classes use the usual PHP file access functions and gzip extension functions

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My Flash web conferencing demo

my My Flash web conferencing dem is online with some more modifications and bug fix.Now you can use this for multi user conferencing.i have remove the file sharing option because of security risk. last time some one hacked my server :-( . This app i developed to use in any media server that are available for flash Like flashcom, flash mediaserver2, red5 , Wowza Media Server. But i'm not interested with the last one.


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