online banner maker

I'm very exited to announce our  new online banner maker. i hope this will be a great tool for online advertisers. Currently  banner builder can publish in swf format. now the tool is in beta stage and we are working to improve the tool features. full release will include export JPEG png and gif feature. to me to most importent feature of this tool is you can publish your banners for Google adwords too.  

Some of the features are following
  1. predefined standers banner size
  2. customizable to any size
  3. final out put   to swf 
  4. 200+ banner template for easy to use
  5. google adwords optimized
  6. very user friendly
  7. nothing to install
  8. run in any platform
  9. interactive banners
  10. extendable with plugins
  11. Developer api
  12. template import export 
  13. easy to use editor
banner builder site :

Actionscript 3 Random Password generator


Here is a random password generator

function createPassword(length:Number=10):String
var chars:String="abchefghjkmnpqrstuvwxyzQWERTYUIOPLKJHGFDSAZXCVBNM0123456789";
var i:Number=0;
var pass:String="";
var nLenght:Number=chars.length;
var num:Number=Math.round(Math.random()*nLenght);
return pass;

Compare 2 arrays Actionscript 3

Following is a usfull function to compare 2 arrays this is not my code i found it in an anther blog. i thought it's useful so i'm posting it here

function checkArrays(array1:Array,array2:Array):Array
var array3:Array=new Array();
var length1:int=array1.length;
var none:Boolean=false;

for(var i:int=0;i < length1;i++)
var length2:int=array2.length;

for(var j:int=0;j < length2;j++)
return array3;

Some good Html5 audio Players


  The jQuery HTML5 Audio / Video Library jPlayer is the completely free and open source (GPL/MIT) media library written in JavaScript. A jQuery plugin, jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. jPlayer's comprehensive API allows you to create innovative media solutions while support and encouragement is provided by jPlayer's active and growing community.

MooTools HTML5 Audio Player

A nice MooTools HTML5 Audio Player Beta version




HTML5 Video Player

Get started with HTML5 Video

You can start with a great html5 video player. Truly great stuff.

What is HTML5 Video?

HTML is the markup language that makes up every page on the web. The newest version, HTML5, includes specifications for a video tag, that is meant to allow website developers to add a video to a page the same way they would add an image. In order for this to work, web browser developers (Mozilla, Webkit, Opera, etc.) have to build the video functionality into their browsers. The W3C has created directions on how video should work in browsers, and it’s up to browser developers to follow those directions, so that video works the same across all browsers. This doesn’t always happen thanks to technology, legal, and financial choices made by browser developers, but so far no one’s varying too far from the specifications. However the specifications are still being changed and refined, so browsers developers have to keep up with that as well.

online flash slideshow maker

Site: Our new improved Flash slide show maker is released. Very useful tool for slide show lovers. as our site say's Adobe Slide Show is a simple tool for creating slide shows and animated photo albums quickly and easily. Adobe Slide Show transforms your digital photo collection to Macromedia (Adobe) Flash file format ( SWF ), which you can share your most memorable moments with your family or friends, post on your blog or upload to your own website. Adobe slideshow also have an facebook app Check the fb app Here

PHP developer Cochin,Kerala

Hi, Friends are you a php developer From cochin or any other parts of kerala. please post your name address contact number in the comments. please do not post Links. I want to develop a Php developers database. so we can keep in touch

Actionscript 3.0 Advanced color picker

Here is my new Actionscript 3.0 Advanced color picker component. this is an extended version of flash fl colorpicker Component. it includes a RGB Color picker.Please comment your suggestions

How to Use  Actionscript 3.0 color picker

import com.anilmathewm.components.*


var cp:ColorPicker=new ColorPicker(); 


var clip:MovieClip;


function onColorChange(e:ColorPickerEvent){ 


var ct:ColorTransform=new ColorTransform(); 




Screen Shots


Download Actionscript 3.0 Color picker Example

Download Actionscript 3.0 Colorpicker MXP File 
 Download Actionscript 3.0 Color picker swc Component

Online red5 application generator

The Red5 Online Application Generator is a very simple but effective utility to generate Red5 application online. Do not worry if you don’t know Red5 or even Java. Generate streamer applications, with live broadcasting, streaming, recording and sharedObject capabilities in a single click. No compiling/editing needed.
Download Link

Flash Media Server 4.5 Server side API Documentation

 Here is the link for Flash Media Server 4.5 Server side API Documentation

red5 developer

Are you looking for a experienced Red 5 Flash media server(FMS) Developer then please contact me. 

New red5 chat prototype version :

text search Jquery plugin

Here is my new jquery plugin .

Text Search Plugin
This plugin will search for a char,word in the document and highlight the text.Useful for implementing search functionality in web pages.
#search is the id for input text field.
$('#search').textSearch(); $('#search').textSearch({highlightclass:"highlight",findin:"#sear"});

face recognition actionscript 3.0

Face recognition (do not to be confused with face detection) library for Flex applications. Library uses Eigenface (PCA) method for face recognition. You can use is it for recognition of any kind of objects not only faces.
Now library uses Vectors instead of Arrays which combined with source code optimizations resulted in 50% performance increase.
- Flex 3.5 SDK or later
- Flex Builder or Flex SDK setup to target compilation for Flash Player 10 or later.
Download Page :

A nice tutorial :

Actionscript 3.0 Spell check library

Squiggly Is a great spell check library for actionscript 3.0 from adobe. It's Nice and very useful. Currently available for download from adobe labs

Download :

Simple tutorial:

Jquery form validate plugin with jquery Form plugin


are you bored with the form validation and form submission in traditional way then try this example this will minimize your task and save your development time.

first let me introduce the jquery plug-ins that we are going to use in this example. the first one is Jquery Validation plugin available here . this plugin help to quick validate your html form. please read the docs for mor details.

another plugin we are using here is ajaxForm plugin available here  . very use full for form processing.


              var options = {
        target:        '#output1',   // target element(s) to be updated with server response
        beforeSubmit:  showRequest,  // pre-submit callback
        success:       showResponse  // post-submit callback

function showRequest(formData, jqForm, options) {
    return $("#form1").valid();

function showResponse(responseText, statusText, xhr, $form)  {

    //alert('status: ' + statusText + '\n\nresponseText: \n' + responseText +  '\n\nThe output div should have already been updated with the responseText.');

Android RTMP client player


i just developed a rtmp player for android with flash builder 4.5 the source will be uploaded soon

input not working in flash player full screen mode

Did you know that the keyboard inputs will not work in flash player full screen mode. Do you know why?

The answer is simple. says
"Limited full-screen keyboard input (Flash Player 10)"

Currently, Adobe Flash Player does not allow keyboard input when displaying content in full-screen mode. Flash Player 10 changes this, allowing for a limited number of keys to be usable in full-screen mode. These include Tab, the Space bar, and the (up, down, left, right) arrow keys.

This change affects all SWF files played in Flash Player 10 or later. This includes SWF files published for earlier versions of Flash, so long as they are played within Flash Player 10. This also affects non-app content in AIR.

If you want to know more

Red5 Chat

We are just started a open source Red5 Chat Project details are available at google code: . for more updates pelase visit the site again

New red5 chat prototype version : 

actionscript 3.0 volume control

I searched google for an actionscript 3.0 volume control for one of my projects unfortunately i cannot find a good one so I Developed a simple volume slider for flash. I'm sharing the files here. Download and duble click the MXP file. it will install the volume control component. you can see the installed volume control in your flash component panel. if anyone find any bugs please report it here. Download the MXP file from here

Download Links

volume control MXP File

volume control SWC File


facebook actionscript api

Today i'm working on a new Adobe flash builder 4.5 mobile and facebook application. to minimize my task i googled for facebook actionscript api and found a good actionscritpt opensource resource in google codes. so i'm shearing it here in my blog. Google code page here
Frends List Example

package {

import com.facebook.graph.FacebookDesktop;


import mx.collections.ArrayList;

public class FriendsModel extends EventDispatcher {

protected var friendsHash:Object;
protected var friendsArrayList:ArrayList;

public function FriendsModel() {

friendsHash = {};
friendsArrayList = new ArrayList();

public function get dataProvider():ArrayList {
return friendsArrayList;

public function load():void {
FacebookDesktop.api('/me/friends', handleFriendsLoad);

protected function handleFriendsLoad(response:Object, fail:Object):void {
if (fail) { return }
var friendsIds:Array = [];

var friends:Array = response as Array;

var l:uint=friends.length;
for (var i:uint=0;i

facebook api php get friends

Here is a small php examples to get all the friends with php and facebook API

FQL Query to get all friends
SELECT uid, name, pic_square FROM user WHERE uid = me()
OR uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me())


this will return all your friends list.After getting the friends list you can use folowing script to loop through the returened Array

foreach ($friends as $key=>$value) {
echo count($value) . ' Friends';
echo '<hr />';
echo '<ul id="friends">';
foreach ($value as $fkey=>$fvalue) {
echo '<li><img src="' . $fvalue[id] . '/picture" title="' . $fvalue[name] . '"/></li>';
echo '</ul>';

Access Camera with Actionscript in Android and Iphone

This is a simple example to Access Camera with Actionscript In Android and I phone.

First we need to set the proper permission for our application for access Camera(android only).
Specify Android specific tags to AndroidManifest.xml
<uses-permission name="android.permission.CAMERA">

private var camera:CameraUI;
protected function application1_applicationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void {
if (CameraUI.isSupported){
camera = new CameraUI();
camera.addEventListener(MediaEvent.COMPLETE, onComplete);
camera.addEventListener(ErrorEvent.ERROR, onError);
status.text="CameraUI supported";
} else {
status.text="CameraUI NOT supported";
private function captureImage(event:MouseEvent):void {
private function onError(event:ErrorEvent):void {
trace("error has occurred");

actionscript svg parser

"as3svgrendererlib" Is a great Lib written in actionscript 3.0 . It very easy to use library. But still there are limitations for this lib.


Google webfonts

Google webfonts Sounds good. It's a great collection of open-source fonts optimized for the web.

How to use

1 Select the Font you want to use in your web page
2 Choose the characters you want
3 Add this code to your website;

A sample is bellow

Mobile Web Viewport META Tag

Past few days i was tying to develop a mobile FB app for Android and Iphone.The hardest part in this application i feel is The UI . I spend almost 3 days to get the UI work proper. First i Used jQuery mobile Frame work; the frame work is cool but the documentation is very poor. $.mobile.ajaxEnabled function is never going to work.finaly i edit the source code and changed the ajaxEnabled=true to false :) . The next issue was the page size it render in different size in different browsers. an that was the hard part for me i don't see any solutions in jquery mobile site. after gogling an hour i fond a solution in mozilla web site . This will make jquery mobile full page and proper size.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">
this meta tage is great and it solved my UI issue some usefull mobile meta tags bellow .

META directive Example Value Description
width width=320
Logical width of the viewport, in pixels. The special device-width value indicates that the viewport height should be the screen width of the device.
height height=480
Logical height of the viewport, in pixels. The special device-height value indicates that the viewport height should be the screen height of the device.
user-scalable user-scalable=no Specifies whether the user can zoom in and out of the viewport Possible values are yes or no.
initial-scale initial-scale=2.0 Sets the initial scaling or zoom factor used for viewing a Web page.
maximum-scale maximum-scale=2.5 Sets the user’s maximum limit for scaling or zooming a Web page.
minimum-scale minimum-scale=0.5 Sets the user’s minimum limit for scaling or zooming a Web page.


Amazon SES integration services

I have integrated several opensource softwares with amazon ses bulk mail service. If you need to integrate your custom script or software to talk to amazon SES, contact me.

Amazon Simple Email Service PHP example

finally Amazon release an affordable bulk mail service. Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) (beta). this is very useful.

As far as pricing goes, Amazon will charge fees for the number of e-mails sent and data transfers. Pricing for SES is US$ 0.10 per thousand messages sent. A customer may also send 2,000 e-mail messages per day free of charge when these e-mails originate from Amazon EC2

here is the open source php class


sample code

step 1
include and make a new instance of class

$con=new SimpleEmailService("your access key","your secretKey ");

step 2
if you are using ses first time you need to add a verified email adders to send mail from. following code will help you to add and verify email address

$con=new SimpleEmailService("your access key","your secretKey ");

once you run the code you will get a mail from amazon ses service to verify the email address by clicking a link.once you verify the code you can use the email address as sender email

step 3

if you want to check the verified email address then use the following code.

$con=new SimpleEmailService("your access key","your secretKey ");

step 4

how to send an email with Amazon Simple Email Service

$con=new SimpleEmailService("your access key","your secretKey ");

$m = new SimpleEmailServiceMessage();
$m->setSubject('Hello, world!');
$m->setMessageFromString('This is the message body.');


most impotent

If you have not yet requested production access to Amazon SES, then you will only be able to send email to and from verified email addresses. For more information, go to the Developer Guide.

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