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Create engaging social media services with protected, scalable video streaming

Adobe® Flash® Media Interactive Server 3 software has the unique combination of powerful streaming media capabilities and a flexible environment for creating and delivering interactive social media applications to the broadest possible audience. It offers dramatically improved performance, more secure streaming, live streaming enhancements, industry-standard H.264 and HE-AAC support, and streaming delivery to mobile phones with Adobe Flash Lite™ 3 and Adobe Media Player software.

What's new

Major performance gains

Video streaming performance more than doubles in Flash Media Server 3, allowing more streams and users per server. Incorporating features previously found in the Edge and Origin Editions, Flash Media Interactive Server can serve as either an Origin or an Edge to allow for virtually unlimited scalability.

More secure content delivery

Flash Media Interactive Server 3 features RTMPE, an enhanced version of Adobe's Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), with higher performance and 128-bit encryption to help secure streamed media and communication. A new verification feature protects SWF files from being reused, modified, or hosted in unauthorized locations. The new plug-in architecture can also be used to create custom authorization adaptors, such as validation with an external LDAP server.

H.264 video and HE-AAC audio

Industry-standard H.264 video and HE-AAC audio streaming provide support for up to 1080p HD delivery to Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR™, and Adobe Media Player. Given the broad support of H.264 video in the industry, customers can leverage most of their existing encoded content without having to re-encode, helping reduce the cost of delivery.

Live video support

Robust, high-performance live streaming of H.264 and On2 VP6 video is supported in conjunction with Flash Media Encoder 2, providing around-the-clock live video feeds for news, events, and social media sites in order to deliver content and support a high volume of subscribers in real time.

Mobile delivery to Flash Lite 3

Both live and video-on-demand streams can be delivered to a growing number of mobile phones that support the Flash Lite 3 platform. The same video experience in the browser can now be delivered smoothly to mobile devices.

New plug-in architecture

Integrate with other servers, back-end services, and workflows with the new plug-in architecture. Three classes of plug-ins for authorization, server access, and file access allow you to extend Flash Media Interactive Server 3 with custom connectivity, security, and deployment options.

See feature details

Using Flash Media Interactive Server 3

Flash Media Development Server

This free edition is designed for you to use to evaluate the product. There is no expiration time period and it contains all the features and functionality found in Flash Media Interactive Server, but with a limit of ten simultaneous users. You will need to upgrade to a paid version to deploy the software in a production environment.

Adobe Developer Connection

Adobe Developer Connection offers a comprehensive portal for developers to access technical articles, tutorials, code, and documentation, as well as interact with others who are developing services with Flash Media Interactive Server 3. Join today to start leveraging this free resource.

PHP Tutorial : User Login and Cookies

A PHP Tutorial creating a User Login and Setting Cookies....php tutorial

PHP Tutorial: Installation and The Basics

PHP Tutorial: Installation and The Basics,
How to Install XampP

dUnzip2 - Pack and unpack files packed in ZIP archives

This package can be used to pack and unpack files in ZIP archives.

There is a class that can retrieve the list of packed files as well several types of file details, such as the uncompressed size, last modification time, comments, etc..

The class can extract individual files, one at a time, specifying their file names, or extract all at once into a given directory.

There is another class that can pack files into new ZIP archives.

The classes use the usual PHP file access functions and gzip extension functions

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My Flash web conferencing demo

my My Flash web conferencing dem is online with some more modifications and bug fix.Now you can use this for multi user conferencing.i have remove the file sharing option because of security risk. last time some one hacked my server :-( . This app i developed to use in any media server that are available for flash Like flashcom, flash mediaserver2, red5 , Wowza Media Server. But i'm not interested with the last one.


ActionScript 2.0 Overview

This chapter presents some basics of ActionScript 2.0. It offers a quick summary of ActionScript 2.0’s core features and Flash Player 7’s new capabilities such as syntactic support for traditional object-oriented features and CSS-based stylesheet support. (From the book Essential ActionScript 2.0, by Colin Moock, O'Reilly Media, ISBN:0596006527.)

moockOver the course of this book, we’ll study ActionScript 2.0 and object-oriented programming in Flash exhaustively. There’s lots to learn ahead but, before we get into too much detail, let’s start with a quick summary of ActionScript 2.0’s core features and Flash Player 7’s new capabilities. If you have an ActionScript 1.0 background, the summary will give you a general sense of what’s changed in the language. If, on the other hand, you’re completely new to Flash or to ActionScript, you may want to skip directly to Chapter 2.

ActionScript 2.0 Features

Introduced in Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004, ActionScript 2.0 is a major grammatical overhaul of ActionScript as it existed in Flash 5 and Flash MX (retroactively dubbed ActionScript 1.0). ActionScript 2.0 adds relatively little new runtime functionality to the language but radically improves object-oriented development in Flash by formalizing objected-oriented programming (OOP) syntax and methodology.

While ActionScript 1.0 could be used in an object-oriented way, it lacked a traditional, official vocabulary for creating classes and objects. ActionScript 2.0 adds syntactic support for traditional object-oriented features. For example, ActionScript 2.0 provides a class keyword for creating classes and an extends keyword for establishing inheritance. Those keywords were absent from ActionScript 1.0 (though it was still possible to create prototypical objects that could be used as classes). The traditional OOP syntax of ActionScript 2.0 makes the language quite familiar for programmers coming from other OOP languages such as Java and C++.

Most of the new OOP syntax in ActionScript 2.0 is based on the proposed ECMAScript 4 standard. Its specification is posted at:

Here are some of the key features introduced in ActionScript 2.0. Don’t worry if these features are new to you; the remainder of the book covers them in detail:

  • The class statement, used to create formal classes. The class statement is covered in Chapter 4.
  • The extends keyword, used to establish inheritance. In ActionScript 1.0 inheritance was typically established using the prototype property but could also be established via the __proto__ property. Inheritance is covered in Chapter 6.
  • The interface statement, used to create Java-style interfaces (i.e., abstract datatypes). Classes provide implementations for interfaces using the implements keyword. ActionScript 1.0 did not support interfaces. Interfaces are covered in Chapter 8.
  • The official file extension for class files is .as. Formerly, classes could be defined in timeline code or in external .as files. ActionScript 2.0 now requires classes to be defined in external class files. Class files can be edited in Flash MX Professional 2004’s script editor or in an external text editor.
  • Formal method-definition syntax, used to create instance methods and class methods in a class body. In ActionScript 1.0, methods were added to a class via the class constructor’s prototype property. See Chapter 4.
  • Formal getter and setter method syntax, which replaces ActionScript 1.0’s Object.addProperty( ) method. See Chapter 4.
  • Formal property-definition syntax, used to create instance properties and class properties in a class body. In ActionScript 1.0, instance properties could be added in several ways—via the class constructor’s prototype property, in the constructor function, or on each object directly. Furthermore, in ActionScript 1.0, class properties were defined directly on the class constructor function. See Chapter 4.
  • The private and public keywords, used to prevent certain methods and properties from being accessed outside of a class.
  • Static typing for variables, properties, parameters, and return values, used to declare the datatype for each item. This eliminates careless errors caused by using the wrong kind of data in the wrong situation. See Chapter 3 for details on type mismatch errors.
  • Type casting, used to tell the compiler to treat an object as though it were an instance of another datatype, as is sometimes required when using static typing. See Chapter 3 for details on casting.
  • Classpaths, used to define the location of one or more central class repositories. This allows classes to be reused across projects and helps make source files easy to manage. See Chapter 9.
  • Exception handling—including the throw and try/catch/finally statements—used to generate and respond to program errors. See Chapter 10.
  • Easy linking between movie clip symbols and ActionScript 2.0 classes via the symbol Linkage properties. This makes MovieClip inheritance easier to implement than in ActionScript 1.0, which required the use of #initclip and Object. registerClass( ). See Chapter 13.

MRSA Staph Superbug

pictures of mrsa, mrsa picture, what is mrsa, symptoms of mrsa, mrsa photos,what does mrsa look like

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a chilling report on a killer potentially more deadly than AIDS: MSRA. This "superbug" is affecting thousands of workers and their families and could affect your business in terms of productivity, insurance, emergency preparedness and many other factors. In this article, you will see a video about MRSA, learn some basic facts about MRSA and receive 5 tips on safeguarding your business against MRSA.

MSRA Superbug Video

How Does MRSA Spread?

MRSA is commonly spread through skin-to-skin contact, such as shaking hands or hugging. It can also spread via airbone particles through sneezing or coughing, or through exposure to contaminated medical equipment.

How Can I Prevent MRSA?

The best way to prevent MRSA is to practice good hygiene - particularly by washing your hands properly and frequently. Avoid contact with other people's wounds, bandages and personal items.

MRSA Pictures

pakistan bomb

pakistan blast, bhutto blast, pakistan bhutto, pakistan bombing, bhutto bombing

A suicide bomber has killed a US diplomat and two other people in a suicide attack near the US consulate in Karachi, Pakistani police say.

Many more were hurt in the blast, which tore through a car park near the consulate in a high-security zone.

The blast comes two days before US President George Bush visits Pakistan. He says his trip will go ahead.

US National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said there was some evidence the diplomat was deliberately targeted.

The BBC's Jonathan Beale, travelling with the president, says the attack will only increase security concerns as Mr Bush prepares to visit Pakistan.

Terrorists and killers are not going to prevent me from going to Pakistan
US President George W Bush

Mr Bush is currently in India. He is due to hold talks in Islamabad, 1,100km (690 miles) north of Karachi, on Saturday.

"Terrorists and killers are not going to prevent me from going to Pakistan. My trip to Pakistan is an important trip," Mr Bush told reporters in Delhi.

He confirmed the killing of the US diplomat.

Consulate target

Police in Karachi said they believed a suicide bomber had rammed a car packed with high-intensity explosives into the diplomat's vehicle.

Map showing the location of a bombing in Karachi, Pakistan

The force of the blast hurled the vehicle into the air and across a seven-foot-high concrete barrier, police said.

Karachi police chief Niaz Sadiqui told a press conference: "We have reached the conclusion that it was a suicide attack, and we have found body parts of the attacker."

Official police spokesman Deputy Inspector Zubair Mahmood said a consulate employee and a paramilitary ranger had died along with the US diplomat.

Initial reports suggested there had been two bombs, but police now say a small second blast may have been a petrol tank exploding as a result of the first blast.

About 50 people were reported to have been injured.

Seconds later there was another explosion. We ran away to save our lives
Vendor Mohammed Ali

A bomb disposal expert said it was one of the most powerful explosions the city had seen. It left a crater 2m (six feet) deep.

There has been no indication yet who is behind the attack.

If it was directed at the US consulate, it could have been carried out by Islamists opposed to Mr Bush's trip, the BBC's Barbara Plett in Islamabad says.

Investigators are reportedly seeking video surveillance footage from the scene.

The explosion happened in the car park of the Marriott Hotel, several windows of which were shattered by the blast.

History of attacks

The BBC's Aamer Ahmed Khan says most people use the rear entrance of the hotel because the road in front of the hotel is part of the US consulate's high-security zone.

"We are investigating the motives behind the blasts but apparently it coincided with the visit of Bush," Salahuddin Haider, a spokesman for the provincial government, is quoted as saying by the AFP news agency.

Karachi has experienced previous attacks against Western targets.

In June 2002, 12 people were killed when a suicide-bomber detonated a vehicle laden with explosives outside the same US consulate that was hit on Thursday.

Members of an Islamic militant group were convicted of carrying out that bombing and an earlier attack on the Sheraton hotel which killed 11 French engineers.


Which Actor Has Won the Most Emmys ?

Q. Which Actor Has Won the Most Emmys?

A. Carl Reiner holds the record with 9 wins. Edward Asner behind him with 7 wins and Art Carney and Billy Crystal with 6.

glorietta bombing Photos

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