online banner maker

I'm very exited to announce our  new online banner maker. i hope this will be a great tool for online advertisers. Currently  banner builder can publish in swf format. now the tool is in beta stage and we are working to improve the tool features. full release will include export JPEG png and gif feature. to me to most importent feature of this tool is you can publish your banners for Google adwords too.  

Some of the features are following
  1. predefined standers banner size
  2. customizable to any size
  3. final out put   to swf 
  4. 200+ banner template for easy to use
  5. google adwords optimized
  6. very user friendly
  7. nothing to install
  8. run in any platform
  9. interactive banners
  10. extendable with plugins
  11. Developer api
  12. template import export 
  13. easy to use editor
banner builder site :

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