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Create engaging social media services with protected, scalable video streaming

Adobe® Flash® Media Interactive Server 3 software has the unique combination of powerful streaming media capabilities and a flexible environment for creating and delivering interactive social media applications to the broadest possible audience. It offers dramatically improved performance, more secure streaming, live streaming enhancements, industry-standard H.264 and HE-AAC support, and streaming delivery to mobile phones with Adobe Flash Lite™ 3 and Adobe Media Player software.

What's new

Major performance gains

Video streaming performance more than doubles in Flash Media Server 3, allowing more streams and users per server. Incorporating features previously found in the Edge and Origin Editions, Flash Media Interactive Server can serve as either an Origin or an Edge to allow for virtually unlimited scalability.

More secure content delivery

Flash Media Interactive Server 3 features RTMPE, an enhanced version of Adobe's Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), with higher performance and 128-bit encryption to help secure streamed media and communication. A new verification feature protects SWF files from being reused, modified, or hosted in unauthorized locations. The new plug-in architecture can also be used to create custom authorization adaptors, such as validation with an external LDAP server.

H.264 video and HE-AAC audio

Industry-standard H.264 video and HE-AAC audio streaming provide support for up to 1080p HD delivery to Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR™, and Adobe Media Player. Given the broad support of H.264 video in the industry, customers can leverage most of their existing encoded content without having to re-encode, helping reduce the cost of delivery.

Live video support

Robust, high-performance live streaming of H.264 and On2 VP6 video is supported in conjunction with Flash Media Encoder 2, providing around-the-clock live video feeds for news, events, and social media sites in order to deliver content and support a high volume of subscribers in real time.

Mobile delivery to Flash Lite 3

Both live and video-on-demand streams can be delivered to a growing number of mobile phones that support the Flash Lite 3 platform. The same video experience in the browser can now be delivered smoothly to mobile devices.

New plug-in architecture

Integrate with other servers, back-end services, and workflows with the new plug-in architecture. Three classes of plug-ins for authorization, server access, and file access allow you to extend Flash Media Interactive Server 3 with custom connectivity, security, and deployment options.

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Using Flash Media Interactive Server 3

Flash Media Development Server

This free edition is designed for you to use to evaluate the product. There is no expiration time period and it contains all the features and functionality found in Flash Media Interactive Server, but with a limit of ten simultaneous users. You will need to upgrade to a paid version to deploy the software in a production environment.

Adobe Developer Connection

Adobe Developer Connection offers a comprehensive portal for developers to access technical articles, tutorials, code, and documentation, as well as interact with others who are developing services with Flash Media Interactive Server 3. Join today to start leveraging this free resource.

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