flash actionscript 3.0 javascript multiple file uploader

I just made a multiple file uploaded in actionscript. I think it is useful for some one so i'm just posting the first version of the multiple file uploaded here. there is no detailed documentation available if any one need help using file uploader just send me a mail.

How to use the multiple file uploader.

1 . Just embed the swf file to your html documnet

2. following java script function get the file progress including current file total bytes loaded, total bytes

function onProgress(name,loaded,total){

3. Following javascript function trigger an event when the user select the file

function onSelect(){
var s=thisMovie('main').getFiles();// get the seklected file names

4. following java script function triggers when the all file upload finish

function onComplete(){

sorry for the low description. i will be back with more details on the.

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