Ip to location flash cs4 component

due to an upgrade in ipinfodb api i just modified addeed new version for this component

pelase see the updates bellow

Version 2.0 component
if you have the oldone installed please uninstall it.

Sample Source http://www.actionscript.co.in/test.fla

Demo: http://www.actionscript.co.in/ip.swf

this is just a flash component version of http://www.ipinfodb.com/ip_location_api.php this component only communicate with ipinfodb

the source for this project will release soon if any one need the source code just send me a mail



my new ip2location flash cs4 component released.

Demo: http://www.actionscript.co.in/ip.swf
Sample Source http://www.actionscript.co.in/test.fla


Tushar Kapila said...

nice helped me ... to get just the ip. did not need the location

Nachitous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nachitous said...

Hi, is there a way to use it in AS2?

Anil Mathew said...

yes you can use send me a mail i will send the source

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