swf and image loader component with progress bar

Today i just finished a small but useful (i think) component. this component is useful for beginners. and designers they don't know actionscript. ImageLoader very quick to use there are only three properties.

  1. imageUrl
  2. autoLoad
  3. autoResize
imageUrl requires a string input for the file absolute or relative
autoLoad- if autoLoad set to true the image will automatically Load when the swf loads
autoResize- if autoResize set to true the image will resize to the component size otherwise it will maintain its actual size.

Simple use of component with actionscript 3.0

import com.anilmathewm.ImageLoader;
var loader:ImageLoader=new ImageLoader();


MXP component Download
SWC component Download
Sample fla file download
sample fla file with custom progress bar

LIve Demo

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