facebook actionscript api

Today i'm working on a new Adobe flash builder 4.5 mobile and facebook application. to minimize my task i googled for facebook actionscript api and found a good actionscritpt opensource resource in google codes. so i'm shearing it here in my blog. Google code page here
Frends List Example

package {

import com.facebook.graph.FacebookDesktop;
import com.facebook.graph.net.FacebookRequest;

import flash.events.EventDispatcher;

import mx.collections.ArrayList;

public class FriendsModel extends EventDispatcher {

protected var friendsHash:Object;
protected var friendsArrayList:ArrayList;

public function FriendsModel() {

friendsHash = {};
friendsArrayList = new ArrayList();

public function get dataProvider():ArrayList {
return friendsArrayList;

public function load():void {
FacebookDesktop.api('/me/friends', handleFriendsLoad);

protected function handleFriendsLoad(response:Object, fail:Object):void {
if (fail) { return }
var friendsIds:Array = [];

var friends:Array = response as Array;

var l:uint=friends.length;
for (var i:uint=0;i

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