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Saw article in the Seattle P-I newspaper.

Puget Sound energy has trashed thousands of acres of public land in eastern Washington with their damn windmills. Took a gorgeous landscape and turned into another example of man's ugliness when dealing with the environment. The west-side electric utilities are also VERY interested in the Crab Creek dam. Notice that hydro is still on their list for power supplies.

If you get power from Puget Sound energy write the company and state that ALL NEW generating capacity for western Washington MUST come from west of the Cascades. We do not need anymore ugly windmills and powerlines heading west.!!!

Mention that environmental sustainibility is not about importing energy from other peoples front yards!!! The only way for people to become stewards of the land is for them to live with the consequences of their decisions. Also support tidal power....now that makes sense!! thanks

Here is the article:

This is the link for Puget Sound energy http://www.pse.com/insidePSE/newsRFP101507.aspx

This is the PSE contact Media Contact:
Roger Thompson, 1-888-831-7250

Puget Sound Energy seeks more power

Puget Sound Energy says conservation will help reduce power demand, but the utility will need enough new electricity in the next eight years to power a city the size of Seattle.

The Bellevue utility presented two plans Monday to state regulators. One calls for conservation measures that would free up enough electricity for about 237,000 households. The second asks power producers and marketers to find new electricity resources. Only new coal and nuclear plants are off the table.

Puget Sound Energy currently has more than 1 million electrical customers and expects the population in the region to grow by 28 percent or about 1 million people in the next 20 years.
Source: http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/board

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